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Our Story

What do you know about Christmas lights?  That’s the exact question that started this adventure of three church buddies years ago!  Brad Luedke, originally of Axtell and now of College Station, grew up only about seven miles from Lights of West. Brad stumbled upon the property and instantly felt it was the perfect location and fit for his dream of a Christmas light park.

Brad and friends, Tom Patterson and Fred Dodd of Bryan, Texas considered the possibilities of the new venture for over a year. With an enormous love for Christmas they decided to jump in feet first with the goal of providing a faith filled experience for families around Central Texas wanting to celebrate the Christmas season in a new and memorable way. Lights of West has been operating since November 2020.


The team has invested thousands of DIY weekend hours putting in infrastructure, building scenes, hanging lights and shaping up the property for an amazing drive thru Christmas Celebration, “It’s been a real blessing for the families. Our kids have been a huge part of the effort and have learned a lot about hard work and commitment this year” said Fred Dodd. 

Lights of West has been a unified effort from the three families but the “Employee of the Year” that has kept everything moving is Brad’s dad, Bobby Luedke.  Bobby, from Axtell, at 77 years young, put in what seemed like a million hours of effort in support of this new venture, particularly in its' first year.  Lights of West hopes that customers will enjoy the Christmas experience and their children will be wowed.  We have put all we have into making this a memorable family activity and are excited to see the light park continue to grow and become even more impressive each year.

- The Dodd Family, The Luedke Family, & The Patterson Family

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